Sunday, 3 December 2017

Spend Christmas this year with Rachel Evans...

If you've been wondering what Rachel has been doing on Earth since she was returned there at the end of Panther Girl of Gor, you'll get to find out in a Rachel Evans Christmas one-off story set on Christmas Eve 2023 to be posted later this month.

Provisionally entitled 'Glad Tidings of Comfort and Joy,' Rachel comes face to face with the growing menace of the Kurii as they begin to take control behind the scenes on an unsuspecting Earth, while the Priest Kings concentrate their weakened resources to protect Gor.

Concept art of Rachel in 2023 by chloeK.

She has a gun now and she's learnt how to use it... ;)


  1. Great idea. Look forward to this. M*

    1. Thank you. If all goes well it will be published on the 23rd. Shadows of Gor will be on a one week hiatus during the Christmas period as I'll be away from my computer on the 25th December and unable to upload anything, so the Rachel story kind of takes its place for that week.

      - Emma x