Monday, 31 December 2018

The Emma of Gor Trilogy: An Introduction

The 'Emma of Gor' trilogy is a series of fan-fiction books set on John Norman's Counter Earth world of Gor. They should be read in the following order:

1) Mistress of Gor (14 chapters)
2) Harem Girl of Gor (14 chapters)
3) Panther Girl of Gor (14 chapters)
4) Shadows of Gor (18 chapters)
5) Ubara of Gor (currently being written - to be published late 2018) 
6) Gods of Gor (tba late 2019)

And a standalone short story entitled 'The Last Halloween' which takes place half way through the third book, Panther Girl of Gor. 

All pictures are by the talented ChloeK 

In addition I am currently writing an occasional non-Emma point of view novella called Kiera of Gor, the first few parts of which are already available, and an ongoing Tales of Gor interactive adventure written in the second person, entitled Rosalita of Telnus. 

My name is Emma R. and I've been reading John Norman's Gor books since I was a teenager. These are my own humble attempts to add to the long running Gorean cycle. I hope you enjoy them.

Wind and steel, as the saying goes. :)

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