Thursday, 18 May 2017

The official 'Emma of Gor' map!

Map of Gor (Emma's version)

There have been numerous versions made to produce a map of Gor, and most of them can be found on the Internet with a few searches. For the purpose of the sprawling Emma of Gor trilogy ('trilogy' of course is soon to be a rather poor description of the number of volumes once book 4 begins to be serialised...) this is the map I use for my vision of Gor. It seems to me to be the most detailed and the most attractive looking, and so you can consider it an accurate and official map of Emma's world.

The distance across land is measured in Gorean pasangs (see the scale at the bottom of the map), and just to remind you, a pasang is equal to approximately 0.7 of an Earth mile. My characters usually travel at a rate of maybe 60 pasangs a day if mounted on a High Tharlarion.

Obviously enough this is simply a single land mass/continent on the planet, and it's safe to assume that it extends much further east, and there are no doubt other unmapped land masses elsewhere.

The map was created by Necrella, posting as Gorean-Art on the Deviant Art site. 

A large version of the map can be found on its original page here:


  1. Yeah, this was the best map I could find. I tried to purchase the rights to it but never got a response so ended up commissioning our version - a representation of Samos' one.

  2. It is a really cool map (I have the one you published too). The first time I saw a map of Gor online, I was struck by how little of the planet it must represent, unless there's an awful lot of sea. I haven't read books 26 onwards so I'm not clued up on the world expansion that's been going on recently, but I'm guessing the world is a lot, lot bigger than just the western part of this continent...