Saturday, 3 June 2017

The Lady Cassandra (character concept pic)

New character concept art from ChloeK that arrived in my inbox this morning. Isn't it lovely? This is the proud Lady Cassandra from, the very soon to appear, 'Shadows of Gor' novel, which is mostly set in Port Kar. She is Brinn's haughty sister, and it's fair to say she causes some serious problems for Emma early on in the novel. She will then go on to play a significant role in book 5, 'Ubara of Gor' but that's a way off yet and unlikely to appear before 2018. See – we really do plan ahead. :)

Before any purists point out that a Free Woman of Gor would never expose her forearms in such a scandalous fashion, let along sport a v-neck line or (shock) a bare midriff, I should perhaps mention that this is a whimsical character design, and Chloe thought it might be fun to show her off in a sari as a test piece. It makes me wonder whether I should one day create a bespoke Gorean city where Free Women dress this way in the privacy of their own properties, as I do really love ethnic clothing such as this. I do actually own a sari in real life, though I never quite got the hang of how it drapes and fastens, despite having been shown how to wear it by a hindu girl.

Shadows of Gor will be 18 chapters long, and I have so far written 12 of them (chapters 1 to 10 and 17 to 18). Chloe is of course illustrating each chapter. I expect to begin serialising the book towards the end of June, posting one chapter a week, fingers crossed.

Now updated with Chloe's design for Cassandra's gowns. Note the perfectly modest high collar. This is obviously a chaste Free Woman who isn't going to offer so much as a hint of her bare throat to men... 

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