Monday, 5 March 2018

Concept art for book 5 (Ubara of Gor): Emma Anderson

Although book 5 – Ubara of Gor – is some way off still (you won't see it until the end of the year), preparations are already underway for it, in that I have seven or so chapters written and it will be an ongoing piece of work alongside my other writing over the next seven months or so. In the meantime, chloeK, my talented collaborator in these Gor novels, has begun working on concept pieces of art and I had to share this one straight away as it's Emma's new look for Ubara of Gor.

We like to update/change Emma's look with each subsequent novel, partly to reflect the passage of time, and also to factor in the change of circumstances. In Ubara of Gor Emma will be in a tropical climate, so we've darkened her skin from the sun and slightly changed the shade of her hair colour, again due to the sun, as she'll have been onboard ship for several months by the start of the book, and we wanted more of an equatorial feel to her clothing and accessories.

The white breach cloth and beads look is a uniform look for slave girls on the Larl of the Thassa, and quite common on the islands and coastline of the Black Ubardoms, and chloeK has given Emma a new crescent style collar in place of the choker style collars of central Gor. Again this subtly reflects a change of location.

Emma is of course an unrepentant makeup junkie and you'll rarely see her without perfectly applied slave cosmetics. It's something she learned to do on Earth to a high standard. This goes as far as her nails too.

Hope you like Emma's new pirate/jungle look. :)


  1. I take that Emma paints her toenails as well.. I am enjoying your adventures.


  2. “But of course! Fingernails and toenails! Shall I let you in on a little secret, Donna? Earth girls have one real advantage over native Gorean slaves if we're brought to Gor. We generally know how to do makeup. The average Gorean free woman is usually clueless when it comes to makeup, even if she lives in a progressive city like Ar where veils aren't strictly necessary and cosmetics for free women are considered acceptable, so if and when they find themselves in a collar they haven't got the faintest idea how to apply makeup. Unless their owner insists on it, they generally don't try. Once I got over the trauma and shock of being enslaved I started to work out how I would survive and I realised that life in a slave pen was highly competitive. Slave girls are often bitter rivals because if you can edge your way to being a favourite your life dramatically improves and so it's every girl for herself in there. Other slave girls can be brutal if they think you're weak. There were plenty of cosmetics available in the pens of Banu Hashim, but I was pretty much the only girl who used them. As soon as I did, wow – the men loved me. None of them had ever seen smoky eyeshadow for example, so it was really exotic. Of course some of the other slave girls quickly resented me for it, but being a favouite of the guards meant I could appeal to them for protection, and once the other girls began to change their tune and plead with me to teach them, well, I realised the power of makeup on Gor. Nowadays I feel naked without it, which is funny considering I'm often actually naked...” - Emma x

  3. One sees that Emma has bina gracing her neck but why is this kajira not branded with a Kef on her left thigh?

  4. It's there, but it's on the side of my thigh, so not necessarily visible in a front facing picture like this one. But see my latest post today for a more pictorial answer to your question. :) - Emma x