Monday, 25 December 2017

Merry Christmas to all our readers!

It's a Monday, so normally there would be a new chapter of Shadows of Gor waiting for you, but of course this is no ordinary Monday - it's Christmas Day - and on Christmas Day even slave-girls deserve some time off. Shadows of Gor is therefore enjoying a one week 'mid season' break for the festive period and the serialisation will continue again in a week's time through to its conclusion.

On behalf of chloeK and myself, we'd like to thank you for following this blog throughout the year, and to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope you've woken up this morning to some fabulous presents and you still have a great day ahead of you.

We'll leave you then with a picture of Rachel's ideal 'fantasy' Christmas morning: waking up all drowsy and semi-aroused in her soft bed, finding her wrists secured to the headboard by Emma.

I'm sure you can imagine what happens next. :)

- Emma and ChloeK x

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