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NEW! A Tales of Gor interactive RPG adventure!

So, this is going to be a little different from my usually heavily planned out in advance and scripted stories. Astute readers of this blog will be aware that a rather fabulous official Gor role-playing game was released earlier this year, entitled 'Tales of Gor'. Like all role-playing games it can either be played tabletop face to face with friends (around, um, a table...), or, as is becoming quite popular these days, via the Internet. A couple of weeks ago chloeK (the talented artist who does all the Emma of Gor pictures) and I were messing about with some back and forth writing improvisation just for fun and I suggested, since she seemed to be enjoying it, that we could try something more formal as an RPG adventure on this blog site.

So that's what we're going to do. chloeK has created a Gorean character using the rules in the Tales of Gor book and I'll be running an adventure story on a very regular basis (several times a week is the idea) for her to react and respond to. It will read a bit like a story that is serialised in bite size chunks, albeit written in the second person, and crucially I'm not fully in control of where the story goes.


The game will be set in the same 'Gor' that Emma, Brinn and co inhabit so there may be some passing references to characters and places that I've used before in my writings here.

Because this is an interactive role-playing game, it will differ significantly from the Emma saga and associated short stories because I won’t have complete control over the story line. While I have a rough idea of what I intend doing (at least at first), two significant things may confound my expectations and make things challenging for me as a story teller.

Firstly I don’t get to decide what the main character does because Chloe will be making the decisions for her.

And secondly I won’t be determining the outcomes of any opposed actions. An opposed action is where a character attempts something where the outcome is not certain. This could be anything from a fight scene to say trying to sneak quietly past some guards. In a role playing game a character has a numerical rating in various abilities which gives a general probability of success. Dice are then used to determine whether that probability works out well or whether the character has failed.

The format of the game will be reasonably simple. I’ll write a piece of prose (as a post on this blog) and then Chloe decides what her sultry heroine does next (writing her response in the comments section). She can make the responses as simple or as detailed as she wants. I then determine the success or failure of any opposed contests by rolling some dice against her skill sets and then I write another piece of prose (as a follow on post) which outlines what happens next. From this Chloe makes her next set of decisions and so on with the storyline bouncing between the two of us. Obviously I’m in control of the entire game world (Gor as a whole) and the myriad non-player characters that she will encounter. But her skill set can influence how they regard or treat her. And the decisions she makes will also have a bearing on how they react to her.

Chloe got to make the initial choices that would determine the setting of the game and the type of character she would be playing. I asked her to choose any location on Gor other than the Barrens (for the simple reason that I have never read either Savages of Gor or Blood Brothers of Gor so couldn’t do that setting justice).

Chloe opted for the island Ubarate of Cos in the Thassa sea, and she decided to play a Cosian woman of the caste of the Builders. The Caste of Builders are the scientists and architects of Gor. They command the great projects and the permissible technological advances in the realms of mechanics and engineering. They have especially good command of optics, the height of which is the telescope, known as ‘The Glass of the Builders’. She named her character Lady Rosalita Sanchez of Telnus.

Cos and Tyros

The island states of Cos and Tyros have a long alliance and are the second great power on Gor after Ar, or were. Together they still represent one of the greatest maritime powers on Gor, but their ability to project and use military force on the mainland has been much diminished. Both islands are unusual in that they are nations, rather than city states. Cos is an island state made up of the cities of Telnus, Selnar, Temos and Jad while Tyros, smaller, is made up of Kasra and Tentium. Both islands are mountainous, cut with terraces to raise crops to feed their cities. Cos grows many ta grapes on these, exporting them to the mainland and making them into sweet wines, both of which are much sought after.

Tyros’ mountains are more rugged and riddled with vart caves (a type of large, bat like creature), the inhabitants of which they train and use in hunting and battle.

The alliance of these two islands has tried to defeat Port Kar, the pirate city, and failed. They succeeded in conquering Ar, before the revolt, which turned out to be a more successful display of their power.

Their navies and armies need to be rebuilt but the wealth of Ar that they stole makes them hugely rich, even in defeat – though this is little salve to Lurius of Jad, Ubar of Cos, and his monstrous ego.

Cos and Tyros are the only powers that regularly trade with the Farther Isles, a series of small islands stretching out into the Thassa. Small and relatively unimportant these islands also occasionally play host to pirates and privateers, as well as those seeking to escape from their problems on the mainland.

Character generation:

A Gorean character is defined by his/her attributes, skills and traits:

Attributes - things like how strong, clever, charming she is.

Skills - useful things like playing an instrument, sailing a ship, scratching another girl's face and pulling her hair in a fight etc

Traits – quirky things that make her unique that are both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Attributes and skills are usually rated between 1 to 5 (though can go higher for certain reasons) with 5 being Tarl Cabot in quality. These equate to the number of dice you roll to determine a result of an opposed action. The ratings can possibly have a +1 or +2 in some cases. 3D+1 would mean for example you roll 3 six sided dice and add one. Basically high numbers are always good for you. One die is a 'wild dice' and if a 6 is rolled you can roll that die again and add any further sixes that come up. Similarly if a 1 is rolled you subtract that number from the result, rather than add it, and keep rolling, and subtracting, so long as you roll further ones. This adds a little more uncertainty to outcomes and can create. Some extreme results. The number you roll is matched against a difficulty number. If you meet that difficulty number or higher, then you have a success. The degree of success is a direct factor of how far you exceed the target number with your dice roll.

Skills are a sub set of specific attributes and quite often your dice roll is the total of attribute plus relevant skill

There are six Attributes and these are your inherent capabilities, gifted to you by your genetics and the hardships that your body and mind have been put through.

Three dice (3D) is considered the human average and, for a normal person, five dice (5D) is considered the achievable human maximum (i.e. Tarl).

Dexterity is a measure of your hand-eye coordination, your fine motor skills, your ability to move your body with great accuracy. Whenever you do something involved with your hands and fingers like shooting a bow or picking a lock, you will be rolling your Dexterity.

Associated skills: Care, along with: Bow, Burglary, Crossbow, Draft Beast, Rope Work, Sailing and Sleight of Hand.

Body is a measure of your physical fitness, your strength and toughness, your muscle mass, bulk or ability to apply force with your body. Whenever you have to endure some hardship or exert the power of your body you will be rolling your Body.

Associated skills: Fitness, along with: Endurance, Run, Survival and Swimming.

Reason is a measure of your innate intelligence, your ability to think through problems, solve puzzles, recognise patterns and use your wits. Whenever you have to apply your intelligence to a problem you will be rolling your Reason.

Associated skills: Philosophy, along with: Culture, Healing, Initiative, Kaissa, Navigation, Scholar, Senses and Trading.

Arts measures your aesthetic sense and your practical, creative ability. Whenever you play music, paint a masterpiece, create a mosaic or apply your craft, you’ll be rolling your Arts.

Associated skills: Aesthetics, along with: Art, Composition, Craft, Music, Poetry and Singing.

Agility is a measure of your whole, bodily awareness, balance and control over your own body. Whenever you’re doing something that requires whole-body fitness like acrobatics or fighting, you will be rolling your Agility.

Associated skills: Coordination, along with: Acrobatics, Athletics, Blades, Clubs, Escapology, Evade, Fistfight, Pleasure, Riding, Spears, Stealth, Tarn Riding, Throwing and Whips.

Charm is your force of personality, your ability to say what people want to hear, to lie, cajole, persuade, intimidate and lead. Whenever you try to persuade or otherwise influence someone, you’ll be rolling your Charm.

Associated skills: Confidence, along with: Animal Handling, Bluff, Charisma, Command, Convince, Intimidation, Slave Handling, Speaking, Will.


Generating a character in Tales of Gor is very simple because you can simply pick up a basic character template based on the caste choice and it has attributes and skills pre-chosen. But to add a bit of variation you then get to allocate an extra 6 points to attributes and 5 points to skills.

Chloe also got two additional attribute points because of her sex. Women on Gor get a +1 added to their Charm and a +1 added to their Agility.

Finally she had the option to choose up to three ‘traits’ from a list. Traits are background things that have both an advantage and a disadvantage built in and they add colour to the storytelling possibilities.

It’s always interesting seeing how players design their character attributes, skills and traits because it gives a good insight into the kind of game they want. Take Lady Rosalita for example. Chloe decided to pour points in to boost her Charm attribute to the maximum possible, creating a character who if not the most beautiful woman on Gor, comes extremely close (sorry, Emma!). She eschewed buying skills that might prove useful in any form of combat, but bought skills that would allow her to influence, cajole or manipulate people instead. This is perfectly in keeping with the Gorean setting of course where women wouldn’t have considerable fighting prowess unless they were Panther Girls or Talunas.

With her choice of three 'traits' she bought the following ones from the extensive list in the book:

Agent of the Kurii - you are one of the human agents of the great powers behind so many of the
events on both Gor and Earth. They are a powerful ally with networks across Gor that you can tap into making it far easier for you to travel and to work, but you will almost always be working to their ends and in working for one you make an enemy of yourself to the other.

Patron – you have a powerful patron, a man or woman with plans that involve the trials and conflicts of cities – or even worlds. This is an individual with a direct interest in you, even though they might be part of an organisation. They will look out for you and aid you, but they will also have many different things that they wish you to do for them – to further their plans.

Slave Heart - in your heart of hearts you are a natural slave. You dream of it, you think of it constantly, even act it out in privacy - but it tugs at you and makes you want to be a true and total slave. Increase your Charm and its maximum by +1D and your Pleasure skill and its maximum by +1D. Reduce your Will and its maximum by -1D.

Now it was my turn. Chloe had given me an idea of who she wanted to play, so based on her various choices (caste, location, attributes, skills, traits etc) I fleshed out a starting background that would be the springboard for her interactive Emma style Gorean adventure. This is what I came up with and presented to her:

Lady Rosalita Sanchez:

Rosalita Sanchez is a High Caste Free Woman of the city of Telnus on the island of Cos. She is maybe 27 to 29 years of age, and had her age stabilised when she was 23. She is probably still white silk, but that is for you to decide.

Rosalita has a younger sister, Rosanna, aged 19 (and un-stabilised as she is not old enough yet), who lives with her in the harbour cliff-top house that their father built from high quality Cosian granite and marble. As you might expect from your caste, it is a superbly constructed building that overlooks one of the harbours of Telnus with a crenellated (chest height walls) courtyard attached to the house at the very precipice of the reinforced cliff that drops alarmingly for maybe three hundred yards to the foaming waters below. The courtyard catches the sun in the morning and is adorned with beautiful plants and fruit trees that enjoy the Mediterranean like weather conditions. It is of course protected from the sky with strands of Tarn wire and quite safe. It has an amazing view of the entrance to the harbour and on a clear day you can see vessels coming and going far below.

The house is quite narrow but built high on three storeys and cylindrical in design with an extensive basement below that you use for storage mostly. The basement includes slave kennels but you do not currently own a slave. This is an inconvenience for it means you have to look after the domestic duties yourself, or rather share them with Rosanna. The girl is after all in your charge and not yet old enough to be stabilised, let alone take charge of her life.

Your father, Elias Sanchez, died several years ago from some disease brought back by Cosian soldiers returning from the mainland after Ar was liberated. You probably share the typical Cosian resentment, rivalry and enmity towards Ar as a result. It probably gives you much satisfaction to know that many of Ar's most beautiful women were brought back in chains to be slaves on the island of Cos after the fall of the city (in the Gorean equivalent of the late 1980s). They are a common sight now in the slave markets in Telnus, and the sluts are easily identified by their Arian accents and shameful ways.

Despite your inheritance of a property, you are by no means as wealthy as your caste status suggests. You probably have accumulated silver worth in the region of £35,000 to hand, mostly secreted in safe spaces within the house. You do however enjoy the favour of a wealthy patron – Salvador Saffini – one of the city's wealthiest merchants – and the man for whom your father worked for many years as his chief builder. He has to an extent seen that you and your sister were safe after the death of your father. He has a son, Dante Saffini who often personally commands his trading vessels – large round ships that trade with the mainland, and a daughter, Lady Isabel Clara Saffini. It is through his daughter that you developed your connection to the Kur conspiracy, for Lady Isabel is secretly an agent of the Kur forces within Telnus and, some years ago she recruited you to the cause, promising you in time wealth and power in equal measure. She is essentially your contact and go between – your connection to the higher more mysterious echelons of the Kur forces on the island of Cos.

With an incredibly high Charm rating of 6D+1! (the charm equivalent of Tarl's sword fighting skill) you are famous throughout Telnus for your incredible beauty, grace, style, and presence. Even veiled and fully robed, you move with the most sublime gestures and your voice is like silken honey when you laugh softly. Your eyes sparkle above the veil and you find men are often drawn to speak to you at social engagements, smitten by your charms. You often find the men easy to manipulate and influence, as your incredible charm and beauty is further enhanced by your Charisma and Convince skills. It is this perhaps that persuaded Lady Isabel to recruit you.

Many young Free Men seem to desperately want to please you in polite social circles. They yearn for your approval and friendship, competing amongst themselves for your attention. Whether they get it is another matter of course.

You have never seen a Kur, though you do understand that you essentially serve creatures from another world. Lady Isabel assures you that the Kur are alien gentlemen of sorts who hold the High Caste women of Gor in high esteem, and will see that you occupy a position of considerable influence when their schemes come to fruition. At times they also recruit and use barbarian women from Earth. This probably seems peculiar to you because barbarians are but simple girls compared to noble, lofty Gorean Free Women, and the common perception is that Earth girls are natural slaves. You have heard through Isabel though that often these stupid girls do not realise they are expendable to the great Kur cause, and presumably they are simply recruited for missions where a Gorean Free Woman might be rashly endangered. Far better then that an Earth woman runs the risk of being collared or killed instead of someone like you! Perhaps they do have their uses after all...

If there is one thing that troubles you it is the shameful secret that only you know, that with the 'slave heart' trait you are perhaps a natural slave who some nights lies awake in her silken bed, twisting and turning, frustrated and miserable. You will never admit this to anyone, and in fact you do not even dare to admit it to yourself, but some of your fantasies and dreams are hardly suitable for a High Caste Free Woman of Cos. It is your secret and you are ashamed of it. Of course no one must know. No one must have even a hint of an idea.

As a consequence of the 'slave heart' trait, you have a natural aptitude for sex with a Pleasure skill of 1, even without any form of experience or training. It is almost as if you instinctively know what to do, how to move, how to please a man from your dreams perhaps. It is possible that you may fear getting too close to a man, for fear how your body might respond if that were the case. Can you trust yourself with a man if he gently and considerately made love to you, being careful not to treat you in any shameful or disrespectful way? Or would he sense from some of your responses that you are more than you try to seem?


The Tales of Gor RPG interactive adventure should hopefully begin in a couple of days on this blog site. :)

- Emma x

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