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The Tales of Gor RPG adventure - Rosalita of Telnus (part three)

It's a lot to take in, but on the surface it sounds like you have been awarded a promotion of sorts. Certainly Isabel and through her, her Kur Masters, is implying you are now a handler of another, junior agent. But an Earth girl? No doubt she will be totally untrained and unsuitable to be a Lady's house slave, despite the expectation that she will play such a role. Does Isabel expect you to have to train her? As a woman of High Caste you have a moderate skill in handling slaves ((1)) – you understand the basics at least of training them, forcing compliance, and bringing a new slave to understand their altered state of being, but it is not something you expected to have to do for the Kurii.

"I do have a few questions about this, Isabel. You mentioned that further instructions would come in a few days. Can I then infer that you're giving her a period to 'acclimatise' to her role? After all, we wouldn't want her killed by the first man she deeply offends through her own ignorance. Can I also infer that I'll be the one giving her this training?" Your fingers touch the gift box containing the precious ring as you speak.

“That sounds like a good idea,” said Isabel. “See! You are so resourceful and forward thinking, Rosalita. Already your mind is racing well ahead of me in how best to serve the Kur cause in this mission. I suppose the girl has no actual understanding of slave positions and discipline. She is after all technically a Free Woman, if you can possibly apply that term to women from Earth. I suppose a lack of experience can be excused through the pretence that she is new to the collar, and just a stupid barbarian, but you are right, she will need to understand enough that she is not disciplined by the first man who finds her displeasing over some slip in her behaviour. She needs to be convincing as a slave. She has to act like one. Possibly that will come easy to her. She is from Earth after all...” said Isabel with a soft laugh. “So yes, teach her what she needs to know. You will have a few days before orders come through.”

"At least her name, Michelle is acceptable as a slave name.”

“Yes, though of course you can name her anything you wish. But 'Michelle' will identify her as an Earth girl slave, and it is possible that men will make allowances for her in that regard. Free Women of course will dislike her, knowing her place of origin, and rightly so.”

“I hope she's still white silk at least?”

“You know, I never even considered that?!” Isabel pursed her lips in thought. “I didn't think to ask. It's not a given that she is white silk. She is from Earth after all. Some of the stories I've heard about women on that planet! Did you know...” Isabel leans forward and speaks now in hushed tones, “did you know that women on her world go looking for male company? They dress themselves in short slave tunics, their legs and arms bared, often the neck lines of their garments deeply slashed to reveal the swell of their breasts,. They wear earrings! They wear slave perfume! They use slave cosmetics! And then they go to places where men gather to drink, and they dance before the men, hoping to be found pleasing! Hoping  a man will take her back to his home and use her for his pleasure. Disgusting!” Isabel looks angry at the very thought. “Honestly, Rosalita, it is worse than you can actually imagine. And they think of themselves as Free Women!” Isabel shakes her head. “So I cannot guarantee she is white silk. If I were you I would have an assessment made professionally. Have someone from the Circularium assess the slut to see if she has been 'opened' in the past. I hope for your sake she is still white silk and in control of her disgusting desires, otherwise she may prove an embarrassment to you.”

“Yes it would be,” you say.

“Earth girls do not consider it honourable to be white silk as we do,” said Isabel. “The dignity of House Saffini is enshrined in my chastity and modesty,” she adds with pride. “One day I may have a  Free Companion who will respect me of course.”

“Of course,” you nod and reply. "But how am I going to explain this to Rosanna? Ahhh, I know. I'll tell her the Circularium is experimenting with Earth girls as Lady's maids and domestics and have given us one as a trial.”

“Whatever you wish. From what you've told me in the past Rosanna has been imploring you to buy a slave for some time now, so I think she will be delighted to have a girl in the house to tend to the chores.”

“She's not going to be pleased I bought an Earth girl though.”

“Tell her she was cheap. Tell her you'll sell her if she doesn't work out. Tell her it means she doesn't have to do any chores any more. I'm sure that last bit will override everything else.”

“And I have full authority?” you ask again.

“Full and complete authority over her, yes. Your word is final and backed up by our Kur Masters.”

“Good.” You close the box containing the ring and place it in your pouch. “I suppose I had better head back and meet this new agent.”

Isabel nods. “I too have some other work to attend to. There is so much happening in Telnus these days. I hope to be able to tell you more of our grand schemes soon. Just know that you are beloved of our Kur Masters.” She reached forward and touched your hand in friendship. “Oh, and... um... about the party?” She gave you an imploring look.

"I'm not sure I really want to dress like a 'handmaiden,' Isabel.” You are fairly sure it's just another word for 'slave' in this context. “But on the other hand, it's just women and it could be fun being the Mistress." The thought 'or the slave' returns unbidden to your mind but you quickly suppress the salacious thought of what it might be like to kneel as a slave does, barefoot, wearing a brief tunic. It is a secret thought and Isabel must never know you have thoughts such as that. She would hate you and despise you if she ever found out.

“Wonderful! It's going to be so much fun. You won't regret it.”

The palanquin awaits you at the gates to the park. The 'driver' has brought a bucket of water to the male slaves while hey waited and rested and you watch as they cup hands in the bucket to draw water and drink it. They look magnificent – so strong – so virile looking. How they must resent being chained to a Lady's palanquin. It is really quite delicious to have them so helpless before you.

“Lady...” the driver greets you with a bow again. “Your stroll in the garden is at an end?”

“It is. I wish to return home now.” You glance at the men again. They are wise enough to keep their heads lowered as you regard them. They are probably criminals, or maybe soldiers from Ar who were enslaved during the war after the massacre in the Vosk Delta when their infantry was trapped and slaughtered by the superior Cosian forces. Many citizens of Ar now wear chains in Telnus, and it is right and proper that they do so, for Ar will always be your hated enemy. 

It is mid afternoon by the time you reach home. Again you hand the driver a few copper tarsk-bits as a gratuity, which he accepts with gratitude, understanding his place. His service had been good and deferential.

You return to your house on the cliff side and unlock the door with the keys hanging from your belt. As soon as you step into the entrance lobby you notice a discarded slave tunic lying on a table nearby. Strange. You pick it up and hang it from a wall peg. There is also a satchel on the table that doesn't belong to you, but on close inspection it has a wax seal and a tag bearing your name. You break the wax seal and look inside. You find a slave collar engraved with the words 'I am the slave of Lady Rosalita of Telnus.' You are mostly illiterate ((2)) as is much of the Gorean population outside of the caste of scribes, but you know enough basic written Gorean to understand what the collar script means. There are also papers of ownership which you assume are the papers that were prepared to make it seem that this Earth girl is your kajira. You can't read them exactly but they look very impressive and authentic. Could they even be legally genuine and binding? Could they actually be real papers of enslavement for Michelle Brennan? It is hard to tell as you cannot read them. The satchel also contains a selections of chains, a leash and a slave crop. All the things a House Mistress might require if she had bought a new slave. The wax seal suggests that no one else would be aware of the content.

Suddenly you hear running footsteps down the stair case. You turn to see Rosanna hurrying towards you from her room upstairs. She is veiled as you had told her to be, but she looks agitated.

“Rosalita!” she cries as she comes to a halt.

“What is it?” you ask. “What's wrong?”

“There is a woman! There is a strange woman in our courtyard! I don't know who she is! She was here when I came back from my studies. She's wearing some of your clothes and she's drinking your wine! Who is she?”

“She's what?” You walk now towards the far door leading out onto the veranda courtyard overlooking the harbour bay. And there is indeed an unveiled woman seated on one of your reclining couches. She is wearing one of your favourite house robes that she has no doubt helped herself to from your bedroom. You notice she is not wearing it correctly. The stiff brocade collar is unfastened, exposing her neck and a v-shaped area of skin below it. It is a hot day and no doubt she felt stifled with all the hooks and clasps tightly fastened. One of your bottles of ka-la-na wine is open and she has poured herself some in a goblet to enjoy while reclining during the mid afternoon sun. She has also helped herself to a small tray of some finger food from your kitchen.

She has dark hair and she is very beautiful, particularly since she is wearing one of your finest gowns.

The woman looks up, hearing you enter the courtyard, and she regards you with curiosity. “Tal, you must be Rosalita Sanchez,” she says with a barbarian accent. “I am Miss Michelle Brennan of Reading, England. I understand we are going to be working together here?”

((1)) You have a 1D+2 rating in slave handling    

((2)) You did not buy the skill Composition which is required for reading and writing.

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  1. Taking a long, appraising look at the woman, I hold up a hand, saying "One moment" and return to the hallway.
    "Rosanne, there's obviously been some misunderstanding. Please, go and see to dinner while sort things out."
    Pressing a finger to her veiled lips as she starts to ask questions, I say "I'll explain later. Attend to your work".
    With a frown I stuff the tunic, collar and other items back into the satchel and stride purposefully back to the courtyard where the woman is still lounging.
    "Tal. If you are indeed who you say you are, then I consider your lack of respect, together with your entire manner to be wholly inappropriate. You should be wearing this and kneeling."
    I throw the slave tunic to her, and continue "In addition, you should not be eating or drinking without permission. In short, your behaviour in front of my sister totally compromises your work. You should be in your role already and not lapse from it."
    Pulling the whip from the satchel I glare at her, waiting for her response.