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The Tales of Gor RPG adventure - Rosalita of Telnus (part six)

You smile to yourself beneath your veils. The Earth girl is so out of her depth, and yet she doesn't realise it yet. She thinks that you are equals. She has no idea. And she is nervous from her encounter with Isabel's men. She has seen the way they looked at her.

"I'll tell you how the men looked at you,” you say, ignoring for the moment her last question. “They looked at you and they wondered what you would be like in the furs, didn't they? They wondered what pleasures you'd bring them?"

Michelle looks startled as you say that, for she knows it is true, but dared not say it. “They should have been told who I was! That I am a Free Woman! Their operational superior! They would have looked at me differently then!”

Possibly the men had known who Michelle Brennan was, or possibly not. It was impossible to tell without actually asking Isabel. She may have trusted the men with details of the operation, or she may have kept them in the dark and simply instructed them to deliver a girl to your house. You yourself would probably have chosen the second option to maintain operational security. The less people who know of the details, the better, but whether Isabel shares your caution is another matter.

“Well that's how men here look at slaves. Get used to it."

Michelle stifles a sob as you say that, for perhaps she is suddenly all too aware of how she is kneeling, how she is dressed, how she will look to the typical man of Gor when he sets eyes on her.

“When this mission concludes, I will request that those men, presumably they are low ranking men in our organisation of little consequence, I will request that they are disciplined for the way they treated me,” says Michelle. “Until then please ensure I have little to no contact with the men of your planet in future, unless it is absolutely essential to my mission. I do not wish to be... assessed like that! I am not like the slaves of your world!

“Enough!” You silence her with a sweep of your hand again. The girl talks far too much. She would try the patience of any Gorean Master or Mistress. It is something she will have to learn. “You wish to know something about me? Well, all you need to know is that I am the Lady Rosalita Sanchez, of the Caste of Builders and you will call me Mistress.”

Michelle makes to speak but you raise your hand again to forestall any protests. Your eyes look fierce above your veil, and the stupid Earth girl responds correctly with silence, which is good. She shows potential in learning her place without too many beatings. "I'm sure the concept of operational security means something to you, and right now, you are compromising it. My sister knows nothing of our work, so you need to consider her a stranger and behave accordingly. Do you understand?"

This is very important of course. You do not wish Rosanna to be dragged into the machinations of the Kur and the Priest Kings, nor do you wish her to learn things that the enemy might choose to torture her for. Let her remain innocent and be protected in life by you, her older sister.

“But...” Michelle considers the ramifications of this, “if your sister does not know of our work, then... then she will just think I am a slave! She will think I am a genuine slave!”

“She is not to know anything of our work. I warn you now. Do not test me on this. And call me Mistress.” You stand, rising from the couch to your full height and you look down on the girl as she kneels thee before you, so soft, vulnerable and slave like. The five strands of your whip touch the flagstone floor as you hold the whip loosely in your right hand. “Say it now.”

“Muh... Mistress...” her throat is dry as she says the word. You can see her breathing is rather more pronounced now.

“As far as my sister is concerned, what are you?”

“A... a slave... a kajira...”

“You forgot to say something.” You raise the whip handle just a little in warning.

“A slave, Mistress!” Michelle looks stunned by this. She had not considered the possibility of another woman living in this house who would not be privy to the reality of her position.

“Are you anything other than a slave as far as my sister is concerned?”

“No, Mistress!”

“Good. Very good, Michelle.” You smile, and then you reach into the satchel again. Your fingers push past the selection of chains and slave bracelets to find the steel collar engraved with the proprietary inscription: 'I am the slave of Lady Rosalita of Telnus.' "Now we need to complete your disguise. Bend your neck down and do not move."

“Why? I don't understand...” Michelle's eyes then widen in dismay as she sees you produce the steel collar. “Surely I do not need to wear that now...”

“Do I have to repeat a command, Michelle?” you say, gazing sternly again. ((1)) There is an anguished sob from Michelle as she lowers her head as ordered for the completion of her 'disguise'. You brush her hair to the side, baring her neck adequately. And then you stand before her and place the collar around her neck, pausing before closing it with a loud click of the lock. You feel her body twitch as she feels the touch of cold Gorean steel against her skin, and she hears the irrefutable closure of the locking mechanism.

“Where is the key?” she says quickly. Such a stupid thing to ask. Does she perhaps think you will allow her to carry it on her person?

"Now, repeat after me, I am the slave of Lady Rosalita Sanchez.” You touch her lightly on the shoulder to emphasise the command.

The words of course have immense significance whether she understands that or not.

“I... I am... I am the slave of Lady Rosalita Sanchez...” she keeps her head lowered, gazing at the floor, her face flushed with humiliation. She had not expected any of this.

You consider her words for a moment. They are perhaps the most powerful words that any woman might utter. They are also irrefutable words – once spoken they can never be taken back. She, an Earth girl from Reading, England, has knelt before you and spoken words of submission. To a Gorean woman that is a life changing thing. She has submitted to your collar. She obviously doesn't realise what she has done, but that doesn't change the facts in the slightest.

"We are now going to my rooms. My sister will understand that you are going there to be punished," you say. Quickly, before Michelle can babble away again, you push the handle of the whip into her mouth and attach a snap leash to her collar, giving is a little tug that surprises her. You hear a soft whimper through the whip handle as she grips it with her teeth. "Now rise and follow me and don't you dare drop the whip."

Michelle whimpers again as she is forced to her feet by a tug on the leash. She almost stumbles as she gets up, but she doesn't dare let go of the whip. You can tell by her eyes that she is in a stunned state of disbelief. She had assumed that even now the two of you wold be reclining on opposite couches, discussing operational matters over wine.

You lead Michelle, in her tightly clinging slave tunic, across the flagstone courtyard and back into the house. She follows you obediently enough – the leash makes sure of that – but she is in a state of rising panic at being treated this way.

It comes as no surprise that on the way to your rooms, Rosanna comes running out of the kitchen to see what is going on. When she sees the distressed and now slave-like Michelle, Rosanna comes to a stumbling halt, obviously confused.

“Rosalita! That's...” she points at Michelle on the end of your leash, “that's the woman who was wearing your clothes and drinking your wine!”

“I know,” you say with a smile.

“But... she's a slave!”

“Yes. I am taking her to my rooms to punish her for earlier.”

“You mean?” Realisation seems to dawn on Rosanna's face now. “You mean... we have a slave?! We really have a slave at last!” It's been a long time since you saw your little sister so excited. She rushes over to Michelle to look at her. You stand still, letting the leash relax as Rosanna places her hand on the girl's collar to read the inscription. Unlike you, Rosanna has been taught to read and write. You paid for scribes to teach her at an early age.

“Stand still, Slave!” your sister barks at Michelle as she examines the collar and when she sees the inscription, her excitement can hardly be contained. “We do! We have a slave! Oh, Rosalita, thank you! Thank you!” She runs over now and hugs you. “This means I don't have chores any more, doesn't it?”

You nod and ruffle your sister's hair with affection.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can't wait to tell my friends! We have a slave now!” She turns back to face Michelle who is staring directly at you with a look that is imploring you to put a stop to all of this. The leather whip handle looks wet with the girl's saliva as she dares not drop it.

“You're going to work hard, slave!” says Rosanna with a snarl. “You're going to clean every inch of this entire house from top to bottom every day! If I find any dirt, any dirt at all...”

Michelle makes muffled sounds through the improvised whip gag. You can tell they are directed at you and if they were actual words they would undoubtedly be pleas for you to do something about this.

“You will have hot water boiled and breakfast ready for us each morning,” says Rosanna to 'her' new slave-girl. This is undoubtedly the best present you have ever given her, as far as she is concerned.


((1)) A further test on your slave handling skill is required here as this is a significant 'break test' point for Michelle. As before you have a roll of 7D+3. The target score remains Difficult (20) due to your previous successes, even though you are essentially now 'upping the stakes' and your commands are growing rather more serious for her dignity. You roll 1+2+2+3+4+6+2+(3) = 23. You have a solid, competent success by 3 points. Michelle remains overwhelmed by you and unable to resist.

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  1. Please sister, will you bring up the food and wine from the courtyard in a bit? I think I'm going to need to refresh myself."

    Giving a tug on the leash, I proceed to my private rooms, shutting the door behind me. I remove the whip from Michelle's mouth and indicate a spot on the floor near a slave ring set at the foot of the couch. "Kneel there and remove your tunic" I command her.
    Once she's complied (#1) I quickly cuff her wrists in front of her, the connecting chain through the slave ring. Bending down, I whisper in her ear. "It is necessary to whip you. Firstly, my sister will expect it for your earlier behaviour and secondly, it will help you better understand the role you are in. She will almost certainly be listening, at least to the first few strokes, after which she'll return to the courtyard to fetch what I asked."
    I stand behind her and in a louder voice say "Your behaviour earlier was outrageous for that of a slave, so you're going to be punished. You will receive ten strokes and if your attitude doesn't improve, there will be further punishments."
    With that I shake loose the blades of the slave whip and move behind her. The first stroke impacts her upper back.
    I recall a conversation with my Father after he had punished a slave and I had enquired about his method.
    "You leave a gap between each stroke so the slave can better feel them. You also vary the timing so they can't anticipate when the whip will fall" he had said.
    With that in mind, you administer the next two blows.
    Bending down again, I whisper in her ear "Keep reacting as you have".
    The next seven strikes impact not her, but the couch to either side of her. I hadn't truly wanted to punish her as a slave, but she did need this reminder.
    I hear my sister's knock on the door and after bidding her enter, I speak to the slave. "You will receive one more stroke, to remind you that you are a slave."
    With that, you strike again against her back, putting as much strength into the blow as you can manage.
    Your sister enters and places the tray on a side table, her eyes wide as she takes in the sight of the whipped slave.
    "Thank you sister. This slave will serve our evening meal, but I believe you will have to finish preparing it."
    She nods and returns to the kitchen.

    While I remove my veils and outer robes, I talk to the slave. "I hope you now have a better idea about your condition. I will tell my sister that you're not actually ours, but on loan from the Circularium who are experimenting with barbarian slaves to see if they can be trained to be suitable to be slaves to a Free Woman. As such, you will have to be absent from the house at certain times, ostensibly to report back to them."
    "I'll also reassure her that we will be getting a properly trained slave, though perhaps not immediately."

    (#1) She might not immediately comply, of course. In which case, some use of the whip will be necessary to convince her to obey.